About Pet Flaps

What is a pet flap?

It is a pet door which is also known as a cat flap, cat door, dog door, or doggy door) which is a small opening allowing pets to enter and leave a building on their own without needing a human to open the door.

We have some that are electronically controlled, while some are originally simple holes, and some are in the modern form which is hinged and often a spring-loaded panel or flexible flap.

They give protection against wind/rain and big-bodied intruders from entering the dwelling to a certain degree. The phrase "cat flap" was first recorded in 1957 and "cat door" in 1959, but the idea is very much older and was developed by Isaac Newton.

As much as many homeowners enjoy having pets, it’s a known fact that you have to feed them, play with them and let them outside. With a multitude of other responsibilities, it could be very tasking to make time caring for them, but a pet flap is a solution to make your life easier as they also allow your pet the ability to get outside when you aren’t available.


Here are a few things you’ll need to know before getting a pet flap:

* Decide the style of the pet door that best suits your home. Consider this based on your pet’s size and each door’s features before making a decision.
* You need to consider where in your home you'll place your door.
* You need to consider the type of door or wall where you'll install and consider the pets that need access.


What then are some of the different types/styles of pet flaps?

Traditional Flap: A traditional pet flap is a classic! They are durable and easy for your pet to use. They can be used on interior doors in your home also.

Magnetic/Electric Door: These doors work with your pet’s collar. It will only open if your pet is wearing the collar and attempts to go through. As much as they prevent any other animals from getting into your home, they’re more pricey than traditional doors. Also, it might be more difficult to train a pet to use the magnetic door because they can only use the door with the collar.


Where You Can Install Your Pet Flap
Pet flaps are for the convenience of you, the owner, and the pet. There are different variations of pet doors and they can be installed in different locations of your home. No matter where almost anywhere can have a pet flap installed.

A preferred example is In a Door;
Since Pet doors aren’t made for all sizes of pets. You will need to take measurements and the best way to do this is by starting with the width. You need to look at your pet, measure the chest or hip (the largest part of your pet) from one side to the other, adding two inches to your total for a buffer.

You have to be sure there’s enough room for you so your pet can be comfortable to fit through the door without struggling. If your pet is young, you need to remember to allow room for growth.


Some of the benefits of installing a dog flap are the:

Convenience, Freedom, and Good behavior
They provide undeniable convenience to any pet owner. Your pet will have the freedom to move in and out as it pleases. Uninterruptedly, your pet can engage in activities like playing with a bug, running without restriction. When your pet is bored, it can slide through the flap and run freely in the backyard. It can easily retreat into the comforts of your home once it gets tired. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

- Easy installation and easy training
Pet flaps are easy to install. The installation only takes a few hours and your pet will be walking through it in a matter of hours.
Training your pet how to use the pet door is not that tasking. In fact, most pets learn how to use the pet flap with only one training session.

Want to know a trick? Make it fun and rewarding.

No doubt, pet flaps are here to stay as the convenience for pet owners is top-notch.

You should definitely install one if you haven’t!

We install pet flaps... Contact us if you need one!