Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical hazards are accidental realities around our homes and work places. On a daily basis, we make use of many and diverse electronic appliances. Therefore, we are faced with possible risk of electrical shocks daily. Whether it is getting a minor shock from the unexpected malfunctioning USB port of our computers or a more consequential electrocutions, the tendency for an electrical hazard to occur isn’t a farfetched possibility.

Here are top 10 safety tips to help you avoid electrical hazards.

  1. Handle all electrical appliances as if they are live.

Safety First, is the motto of ever electrical expert. True safety around electricity is a thing of attitude. Whether connected or not, at every contact with an electrical appliance, always treat it with utmost care as though it is plugged down. This will help avoid plausible electrical accidents

  1. Unplug appliances when not in use

Unplugging appliances would not only help you save money from extra unnecessary energy consumption but likewise, protect you from plausible electrical accident. Without an appliance being plugged, it can neither cause electrocution nor fire incidence.

  1. Never run cords under carpets or rugs

When running electrical cords around the house, make sure you are not creating a scenario for fire outbreak. Carpets and rugs may not only increase the heated nature of the cords but also serves as a very good burner for a potential fire.

  1. Avoid overloading outlet

Often, we are in use of multiple appliances and may desire to keep them close by for quick and easy access, thereby overloading a single electrical outlet beyond it designed capacity. This can easily start an electric fire. It is better to keep them at arms’ length and stay safe than to suffer possible electrical surge.

  1. Get rid of damaged extension cords

Electricity cores like most other human made equipment have lifespans and do suffer from wears and tears. Instead of fixing ageing and spent cords, it is best to upgrade and replaced them to avoid every possibility of fire igniting due to bad insulators, etc.

  1. Keep electrical appliances away from water

Always ensure that all your electrical appliances are kept away from wet conditions. Also, avoid any contact with electrical appliance when your hands or body is wet; including during perspiration.

  1. Ensure that all your exhaust fans are clean to prevent fire hazards

Many home and office appliances like AC, refrigerators and computers, etc. have exhaust fan that need to be kept clean and free of dirt to avoid risk of overheating or buildup of dangerous gases that can cause electrical fire. Good cleaning and maintenance culture will not only keep you safe from electrical hazard but foster your appliances durability.

  1. Avoid metallic jewelries and tools while working with electrical equipment

Wearing of metallic ring, wristwatch, bangles or handing other metallic tools like metallic pencils or rulers should be avoided whenever you have to deal with electrical equipment. This are easy conductors that can trigger electrical accidents.

  1. Follow manual guide for improved safety

Normally, every electrical appliance comes with a user manual that guides you on best handling practices. Endeavor to read the manual not only to improve your knowledge about the electrical appliance but, also, to aid a factory understanding of the recommended user safety tips

  1. Call a professional for all your electrical fixtures

Often, some electrical fixtures are considered easy to fix. Therefore, for whatever reason, you might want do it yourself. Except you are trying to change a bulb or plug/unplug an appliance, you will always need a professional for utmost safety. Always engage a professional for your electrical repairs and installation.