A Guide to Roof Painting

When installing a new roof system you can go with any colour. If the colour of your roof isn't appealing to you anymore and you don't want to replace the entire roofing you can repaint the entire roof. Repainting the roof won't fix the cracks in the roof but it does make the entire roof look new.


Before painting the roof, you must check for damage to the roof. You can check yourself or call a roofing inspector to take a look at it. Replace any damaged part of the roof, change the shingles or tiles, clean the debris off your roof before painting, kill moss of the shingles also, you then let the room dry completely before you proceed with the painting because if you paint on the wet roof, moisture may get caught in between the shingles and cause the mould to form. Also, make sure to use water-based acrylic paint on your roof.



Roof painting costs may vary in each Australian state. The roof painting cost may vary also due to the kind of roof you have but however the case may be, it is not an expensive project to do. Queensland has one of the lowest rates of roof painting in Australia, it cost about 30-40 dollars per house while in some other states it cost about 40-50 dollars per house. This does not determine the total cost of the roof painting. To know the total cost of your roof painting, your roof painter would come and inspect the roof before the final quote is given.



They are many facto that affect the durability and longevity of your roof painting amongst which are, the type of roof you have, the equality of the painting material used and the painting company you choose. The weather conditions matter too, Australia is generally known for its harsh weather conditions especially during the summertime and we all know that we cannot control the weather.


The colour used in painting the roof matters in the longevity of the painting. The general estimated longevity period of a painted roof is 10-15years, this may differ due to the weather and climate condition in your area. It does need proper maintenance often.



The colour of your roof plays a major role In the overall outlook of your home. Your house general painting colour should give you an inkling of what colour you should paint your roof. If you are repainting your roof the previous colour of the roof should help you make the judgment on which colour to go for.


If you are unsure, you can reach out to us here at ausroof painting and you will get the perfect colour that would match the exterior of your property. If you live in dry areas it Is recommended to use light colours for your roof painting, for areas around a lot of greenery; go with earthy tones of colours you if you live in cool regions; go with dark shades of whatever colour you choose.